Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Only in Utah-part two

Well I am still on a 'only in Utah high'. But today might top yesterday. My bus driver has been sick for a few days and has been unable to see her doctor and is going away for Thanksgiving-fishing-. One of the other bus drivers offered to give her a blessing,-she is very inactive although not anti in any way-. Yet she said yes, so there we were on the bus in front of the school, witnessing the blessing. Only in Utah.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Only in Utah

What a week. I was walking home after work yesterday and I see this man on a bike walking up the hill. He keeps stopping and looking at the grass. I figured that he must have dropped something and was looking for it. Me being the nice person that I am offer to help him look for what ever it was that he had dropped. Well actually, he said, I am looking for my child's toy. he threw it out the window on the way home. At this point I thought that if it was my child and he had done this he could say goodbye to the toy, but oh well. What is the toy I asked, oh it is a little stick from a McDonald's toy, about 1 inch long. What a twit. The parent, not just the child !!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


What the hell does tagged mean? Not only do I have to type on this thing, but now I have to learn yet another language. That means I can speak English, American, Italian, Spanish and now 'Bloggish'.
I have just been told that I need to write, oops I mean post 6 weird and quirky things about my self.

Here goes,
1. I cannot go to bed unless the bed is made, that means the sheets and quilt are straight and
tucked in properly.
2. I hate box Mac and Cheese
3. I have to have vinegar with my french fries
4. Even after 26 years I still write 'mum'
5. I always have to have something salty after I have eaten something sweet
6. I loved being pregnant I know some do not but I really did enjoy it

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well flip me, if she hasn't done enough for me. Now Petra has got me on this. Dang it. Let's see how long this lasts!!

Actually I must say it looks fun.

As Petra sits here and makes me type my own thing, what do I say?

WELCOME to the Santizo Size blog.


Get it?